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Springhill Farm Riding Stables
Springhill Farm
United Kingdom


Tel: 01691 718406

8 am to 9 pm
7 days
1. All client must complete a rider registration form. If a year or more has passed or detail have changed then a new form needs to be

2. All clients must wear a riding hat approved to
British – All PAS 015, VG1 – provided they are BSI Kitemarked
European – VG1 – provided they are BSI Kitemarked
American – SEI ASTM F1163 04a onwards and SNELL E2001
Australian & New Zealand – AS/NZS 3838 2003 onwards..
3. Hair grips, woolly hats etc must be removed before fitting hats.
4. Clients are required to wear suitable footwear such as a stout boot or shoe with a small heel.
5. Clients are asked to avoid wearing jewellery of any description.
6. The use of mobile phones, mp3 players or any other devices that involves earphones are not permitted whilst on horseback.
7. NO SMOKING is allowed on the premises or on horseback.
8. Details of any existing medical problems affecting ability to ride to be disclosed before mounting.
9. We retain the right to refuse clients if deemed necessary.
10. Before mounting the ride leader will make themselves known to you, if you are in any doubt please ask any member of staff, and they will

ensure the ride leader is known to you.
11. You will be under the instruction of the ride leader, it is important that you listen to them, and obey their instructions, should you

fail to do so, and the ride leader has the right to terminate the ride at any point.
12. DO NOT approach or mount your horse until told you can do so, and remain mounted until told otherwise.
a. Your choice to ride is voluntary.
b. Horse riding is a physical activity and is not without risks of personal injury to the rider, including permanent disablement or death in

extreme cases. Numerous injury risks are present, including collisions and falls, despite safety precautions taken.
c. We take care to provide suitable horses and ponies for our customers, but all animals can at times be unpredictable. Horses are strong

animals with wills of their own that act on instinct, cunning and fear. Horses can be trained, but the behaviour of individual horses cannot

always be predicted or anticipated and a fall from a horse cannot always be prevented. If a horse is frightened, provoked, hurt or mistreated, it

may divert from its training and behave according to its natural survival instincts. That behaviour may include stopping short, changing speed or

direction, shifting its weight, bucking, rearing, falling, kicking, biting or running from what it perceives as danger.
14. Before you are allowed out on any Trek or hack with out a lead rope you will be required to demonstrate that:-
a. You can obtain a comfortable position in the saddle and know how to hold the reins correctly.
b. You are sufficiently experienced to competently control the horse during the ride to safely navigate the designated route.
15. In the event of any accidents, please ensure that the most senior member of staff is aware of it. The client is responsible to ensure that

the accident is entered into the accident book at the earliest opportunity, certainly before leaving the premises.
16. Payments:
a. All Bookings Require Payment in Advance. (by cheque or cash only)
b. It is a condition of booking that you accept our No Refund Policy.
c. If you fail to turn up, you will be required to pay in full.
d. Regret no refunds if you decide not to ride, or the ride leader terminates the ride due to any of the above issues.