Manual Lymphatic Drainage (FACE) Massage w/ Amethyst BioMat Far Infrared


Welcome to our facial treatment that involves scraping a flat jade, rose quartz, wood tools over the skin in upward stroke to relax stiff muscles and promote tissue drainage.
Lymphatic Facial Massage also refers to Gua Sha Lymphatic facial helps to boost blood circulation and encourage lymphatic drainage to banish bloat and break up fascia.

BioMat session use Far Infrared technology to aid detoxification and pain relief in the body and can be combined with Lymphatic Facial Drainage Massage.

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this practice-is a natural detoxify , grounding ritual, tension relief , allowing a natural facelift therapy . includes also a cleansing facial with toners & serums

The BioMat is a revolutionary healing tool that combines three therapeutic components: Far Infrared light and Negative Ion technology with the healing power of Amethyst crystal.
-Far Infrared Lights are frequencies of light similar to the sun’s that help to stimulate the entire body from the inside out by elevating core body temperature, promoting circulation, and invigorating cell activity to help get rid of toxins and metabolic waste.
-Negative Ions help revive dysfunctional cells by triggering ion channels that increase metabolism and transport toxins out of our cells.
-Amethyst Crystals are naturally released from Far Infrared Lights. The Far Infrared Lights and Negative Ions travel through the amethyst crystals to help bring the body into biological balance
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